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Upskilling - What is it and where do you go?

Upskilling - The action or process of teaching an employee an additional skill.

Upskilling is a workplace trend that facilitates continuous learning by providing training programs and development opportunities that expand an employee's abilities and minimize skill gaps. Upskilling focuses on improving current employees' skill sets, usually through training, so they can advance in their jobs and find different roles and opportunities within the company.

As technology creates new opportunities and job positions within the workplace, it becomes increasingly important for companies to fill these new roles with candidates who possess the relevant, specialized skill sets. Upskilling allows organizations to close the digital talent gap and fill these open positions while maintaining their current workforce and creating employee strengthening and learning opportunities.

Top 10 platforms for upskilling:

  1. Coursera

  2. LinkedIn learning

  3. Udemy

  4. YouTube

  5. ClassDojo

  6. Teachable

  7. Digitalchalk

  8. Skillshare

  9. EdX

  10. WizIQ

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