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Thematic Investing

Thematic investing is an approach which focuses on predicted long-term trends rather than specific companies or sectors, enabling investors to access structural, one-off shifts that can change an entire industry.

Thematic investing enables you to invest in long-term trends or themes.

Thematic investing is characterized as a top-down investment approach that capitalizes on opportunities created by macroeconomic, geopolitical and technological trends. These are not short-term swings – but long term, structural, transformative shifts.

These thematic shifts touch every corner of our lives from the growing digital economy to smart cities and the food revolution, to efficient energy and disruptive and autonomous technology

Key Takeaway:

“I think having themes as part of the investment process is a good idea, particularly for the longer term, which is what investing is supposed to be. I wouldn’t expect key themes to come good in one or two years – they are areas that will develop over multiple years. Therefore, anyone investing in this idea should be prepared for the long haul,”

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