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The Oasis Within by Tom Morris

Key Takeaways

  1. Life is meant to be a series of adventures. Enjoy the good along with the bad

  2. The real secret of life is to carry in your heart an oasis every day, a place of rest and refreshment within you.

  3. Wisdom in life is almost always about perspective. You can see problems as they truly are, think clearly and act well, even in challenging times

  4. Stay in the present – the past is gone, and future is not yet come. Can think of future or past but only to the point it helps, not obsessively

  5. The purpose of any oasis is to assist in a journey. It is not the final destination

  6. Balance is very important. However, it is not a steady, static thing. It is ever changing

  7. Real balance simply means changing and redirecting our energy when the time is right. While you’re doing something that’s worth your time, you should do it with all your heart. Then, when the moment for change comes, you can go do something else.

  8. When you pay attention to life, truly pay attention, many good lessons come your way. The most tempestuous things in life often carry with them the deepest and most useful lessons about our actions, our abilities

  9. Many things that have power for good have corresponding power for ill

  10. There are two kinds of opportunities – one for particular action and one for directions of growth

  11. People sometimes resist their own best future because of, primarily, some form of fear – fear of the unknown, failure, what other swill think or say or even success that they’re not sure they can handle

  12. Trust the process of living and learning. Keep your eyes open. And be sensitive to the tug of your heart when a path that’s right for you may appear.

  13. Stay in a job you love as long as you love what you’re doing and think you have something distinctive to contribute

  14. Nobility and humility together form the path of true greatness

  15. Far too many people fear their own inner power and turn away from it

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