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The Energy Formula by Shawn Wells

Key Takeaways

  1. Nutrition

  2. It’s not just what we eat, but how we eat

  3. Replace “diet” with “lifestyle.” Diet evokes restrictions and short-term fixes where what we really need is a healthy lifestyle

  4. The author recommends a Neto diet, limiting carbs to <20g per day

  5. Exercise

  6. Quality > Quantity

  7. The ideal workout regimen has 2-3x/wk of resistance training, 2x/wk HIIT, 2x/wk aerobic workouts

  8. You need to keep moving throughout the day and have us few sedentary sitting hours as possible

  9. Hot/cold exposure has incredible benefits. Contrasting hot and cold showers when you do 10 seconds hot for 20 seconds cold and always in the shower with cold is available and easy to do

  10. Creatine is a no brainer

  11. 10-20 g of collagen per day is important for most

  12. Routines

  13. A morning and evening routine is vital. The important thing is that it’s authentic to you and driven by you and not some external force

  14. Growth

  15. As we age, we need to adjust our workouts and diet to keep strong and nimble.

  16. We must continuously grow or else we’ll fall behind and it’ll be nearly impossible to catch up

  17. Part of growth is giving back and helping others

  18. Finding your tribe

  19. Long term and healthy relationships are one of the most important variables In our happiness and longevity

  20. Finding your why

  21. Truly loving yourself

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