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Learning to Learn and the Navigation of Moods by Gloria Flores

Key Takeaways

  1. In a world where uncertainty and rapid change are the norm, where we cannot control changes in technology, regulations, or the environment, but where we need to cope and navigate with these on an ongoing basis, learning to learn appears all the more as an essential skill we are called to cultivate

  2. We can begin developing the skill of learning to learn at a very young age by encouraging children to experiment, to take risks, and to make mistakes. School can play an important role in cultivating this ability

  3. The essential elements of an offer:

  4. Speaker

  5. listener

  6. Conditions of fulfillment

  7. Background of obviousness

  8. Offer/Promise – action to be performed in the future by person making the offer/promise

  9. Specified time for fulfillment of the offer

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