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James Clear's 3 of the the 3-2-1 Thursday (12/1/2022)

3 Ideas From Me


"Some things are a job, others are a craft. The primary difference is not the task, but the enthusiasm and curiosity put into the task. The more engaged and interested you are, the more it becomes a craft."

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"It only takes five minutes to break the cycle.

Five minutes of exercise and you are back on the path. Five minutes of writing and the manuscript is moving forward again. Five minutes of conversation and the relationship is restored.

It doesn't take much to feel good again."


"Nobody accomplishes anything significant alone.

But nobody accomplishes anything significant by accident either. Just because you need others doesn't mean you can wait for others to make it happen.

You have to act as if you are a force of nature and try to bend the universe in your desired direction—while remaining pleasant and open to help along the way."

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