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Impact Networks by Davi Ehrlichman

Key Takeaways

  1. People join a network to do something together that they can’t do alone

  2. People can solve simple issues, organizations the complicated, and networks are needed for complex issues

  3. A robust way to grow in a networked world is through connections and collaboration rather than through size

  4. The essential role of network coordination – Network coordinators are the architects and builders of collaborative efforts. Those who perform these roles have been called systems leaders, systems entrepreneurs, network leaders, network entrepreneurs, and strategic conveners. Their primary role is to coordinate a constellation of people, resources, and skills to achieve a shared vision and address complex challenges.

  5. Impact networks are intentional.

  6. Networks can be learning focused (learning and connections), action (learning, network, and action), or impact (several action networks combined to chase a common goal)

  7. 5 C’s

  8. Clarify purpose and principles – principles operationalize values

  9. Convene the people

  10. Cultivate trust – trust + action is a powerful formula

  11. Connection

  12. Collaborate for systems change

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