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Getting 1% Better Every Day

What does it mean to be 1% better?

- Becoming 1% better every day means focusing on the one tiny action you can take today to get one step closer to where you want to be tomorrow. It means sticking with these tiny actions, because you know they’ll compound into something significant.

Getting 1% better is really hard to quantify in the beginning. You start by being 1% better at something today than you were yesterday. Then, tomorrow, you’re up to 2%. By the next day, you’re up to 3%.

If you focus on becoming 1% better every day, at the end of one year, you’d be approximately 37.78 times better than you were before

Remember, getting 1% better is monotonous It requires you to take small actions every day that are really easy to do, but are also really easy not to do.

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