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Do More x Goodenuf2 Collab by Herm Senor II

Updated: Aug 22, 2021

About Herm Senor II

I am an overseas basketball player and a 2017 graduate of Quincy University. I am the owner of Goodenuf2 and am involved with youth focused non-profit organizations such as Make it Work Global and Project Mack. I will use my blog to highlight the stories of people who Do More, as well as share information about Goodenuf2.

Do More

I am very excited to represent Goodenuf2 and connect with a new audience! My connection to Barry and Do More dates back to around 2013 while at Quincy University. We both have a commitment to being involved in the community and making a positive impact globally. Goodenuf2 and Do More connect like minded individuals, as well as promote businesses who pursue excellence and inspire others along the way.


We are an international marketing organization which looks to work with a variety of people and businesses. Currently, we partner with non-profit organizations, individual business owners, artists, and more. G2 offers advertising packages and has a variety of branded merchandise items which will be on sale on the new website.

The focus of G2 is to create content and merchandise to support artists, gamers, and small businesses/organizations. The G2 team consists of talented and innovative in-house artists, fashion designers, gamers, graphic artists, and media personnel.

The Start of G2

Goodenuf2 began on Facebook as a brand which focused on sharing inspirational quotes and positive memes. The mission of the brand is to spread the message that all people are good enough to exchange love and energy. Goodenuf2 guides independent business owners and organizations in their pursuit of reaching marketing goals. Our G2 Team is a network of creative individuals who are passionate about building a platform for one another to succeed as a collection.

Sections of Goodenuf2

Art, Fashion, Gaming, Graphic Design, Health & Wellness, Merchandise, Music, Spirituality, and more.

As G2 spreads the message that You Are Goodenuf2, individuals and independent business owners share our platform and resources to aid one another on their journey, serving as a channel for network marketing.

College graduates and individual experts collaborate to implement the marketing strategies which prove to be most beneficial for each promotional campaign. G2 is a lifestyle. As we grow our reach and exposure, new audiences create the opportunity to form connections with other like-minded individuals.

The Future for G2

-Check out some of my favorite artists on the 2020 Goodenuf2 Covid-19 Playlist

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